Horse-mediated training

Training courses for groups, companies, organizations and associations: from the couple to the macro organization.

Lived, report, effectiveness of the action, develop individual and group resources in synergy with historical allies:


All the realities that involve more or less numerous groups of people have to harmonize the single individuals and their peculiar potentials in function of a common purpose, be it family, business or other constituted organizational forms... often with complications.

The horse-mediated training has the objective of the awareness of the individual's self, of its explicit and non-explicit abilities, of its role in the group, of the functionality of the relationship with others within the group itself in view of a common purpose and therefore facilitating the achievement of this purpose.

Indeed it's through the development of the individual's relational skills that the group's success is achieved.

From this point of view, the ability to guide is understood as the recognition and accreditation by the group of skills required by the context, is therefore not exclusive to an individual (leadership) but identified according to need and is sought and exercised as effective communication in the report.