Do You have a Horse?

In our structure we offer the "scuderizzazione" service for those owners who share this empathic and ethological approach to the world of horses.

What horses and humans find here is a handkerchief where we try to create optimal conditions respecting the specific species needs of our friends and an atmosphere of exchange and tranquility among people.

We have a land organized according to the guide of the concepts of natural management.

There are 6 paddocks that can be combined or divided into different combinations as needed.

Each has a watering point and independent food, in the paddocks for groups there are additional elements of environmental enrichment (work in progress - eg pebbles, drinking water / wet area, shading sheds, logs, etc.).

There are also 33 magnificent trees to hug and shade the area.

The paddock can be single or not depending on the degree of socialization of the individual with others. The goal is to create cohabiting social groups, with due time and where possible, fundamental for the wellbeing and natural balance of the subjects.

For individuals with special needs we have two boxes (4x3.5m) which is assigned a small individual paddock to stay, weather permitting, outdoors.

Available for the activities are:

A riding field of mt. Approximately 28x26 with grassy ground

A rod diameter mt. 18 with grassy ground

A "playground" area mt. 35 x 14

The latter will be equipped (work in progress) with some typical elements of the "mountain trail".

There is a washing area with porch and pavement e

the owners have a dedicated saddlery available.


For informations contact us by calling +39 347 147 1645

or by writing a message This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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