The recreational sports activity and the activity assited with the horse is not suitable for individuals who have:

Orthopedic pathology

- Spinal fusion: in the case of insufficient mobility or of degenerative aspects in residual spinal functions.

- Abnormal / spinal instabilities: in case of malformations or congenital diseases, trauma abnormalities such as spondiolisthesis, herniated disc, hemivertebra, vertebral osteochondrosis, with scoliosis above 30 °, hip dysplasia with risk of subluxation / dislocation, bone fragility.

- Instability or malformations of the rachis.

- Atlanto-epistrophile instability: in the case of mobility greater than the norm of the two upper cervical vertebrae, C1 and C2; this condition is present in 10-20% of people with Down Syndrome.

Neurological pathology

- Hydrocephalus

- Severe ataxia

- Liquor cysts, syringomelia, spina bifida

- Myasthenia, muscular dystrophy

Other Contraindications

- Hypertension

- Degenerative retinopathy

- Hemophilia

- Frequent epileptic seizures.