About us


Francesca: my passion for horses began at an early age and it was so tenacious that at the age of six I convinced my parents to let me join the riding school (indeed the whole family enrolled in it!). Unfortunately, at that time in Italy there was not much diversification of approaches to the horse world so for ten years I trained at the traditional English riding school.

For a few years then every Sunday I went for horseback riding in the countryside so that I also approached the American riding school.

The years of high school and university came, I developed my interests in Philosophy and Sociology and acquired a certificate of "Expert in intercultural dynamics in the socio-educational field" of the European Social Fund (ESF). In these years I before left and then went back to the world of horses working sporadically at the hippodrome of Padua, in a quarter horse riding school in Vicenza and in a turistic equestrian center in Sardinia.

Vicissitudes of life led me to work in the world of graphics design and websites until one day, in 2008, I looked up from the computer and I said "what am I doing? ... I need to work with horses!".

Within a week I found myself working with a non-profit organization that dealt with hippotherapy in Padua and I realized that as hard as it was it was not a problem to get up early in the morning, stay almost constantly outdoors and physically struggling, 'cause staying on the side of these beloved animals gave me energy and courage and the type of activity I attended was an almost new world that revealed itself to me giving me new motivations to deepen and embrace a profession that I felt deeply belonged to me.

So I started a path of professional training that I'm still carring out between new knowledge (you never stop learning!) and refresher courses and I specialized in the so-called assisted activity with horses acquiring the title of "Operator Anire (Italian National Association Equestrian Rehabilitation) in the educational and recreational sports area ", ERD (Recreational Riding for Disabled) Operator in Engea (National Environmental Equestrian Guide Association) and following since 2009 all the annual conferences on the so-called hippotherapy and on Assisted Animal Interventions at "fieracavalli" in Verona, and other conferences between Milan and Vicenza.

On 7 May 2018 I received the Certificate of Suitability for the figure of "Coadjutor of the Horse" (issued on the basis of chapter 9.4 of the Guidelines on Assisted Interventions with Animals attached to the agreement between the Government, Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano - Transitional provisions of the National Guidelines for assisted interventions with animals of 26 May 2016, given the evaluation of the IAA CRN and the opinion expressed by the Ministry of Health DGSAF)

With Engea I also became "Gimkane and Pony Games Instructor" for children and "Equiturist Guide" to take small groups of people on horseback on the countryside.

I then followed courses of "natural horsemanship" approach at the Asvanara Academy, of Ethological Training at the homonymous school (Addestramento Etologico) and a preparatory course for the School of Ethical Riding.

Recently we have completed a very positive experience with an association founded by me together with other people in 2012 and I moved to this new location where I bring all my experience, professionalism and my love for the world of horses that never ceases to amaze me, give me great teachings and make me dream.


pedro cavallorso

Pedro Mi Amor (My Love): great companion of adeventures, Pedro is a chestnut horse, presented to me as Argentine and maybe a little Criollo in fact it is ... at the time I was looking for a horse that had the psycho-physical characteristics appropriate to the activities we had to deal with, especially assisted ones, that is a horse not tall, of good size (with a little stocky structure but balanced to be clear) with a great experience and a good temperament ... let's say that when we met the first time we had to look beyond appearances and see it in potential because he was thin as a toothpick and had health problems ... but the age (16 years), the experience (it was a countryside riding horse so he had come in contact with many situations and was used to process the new ones), the praise that the previous owner was weaving of him, a state of necessity and a bit of trust in luck made us to do an attempt.

So Destiny made us meet, today Pedro is our big brother, put in a position to express himself and his nature he has shown us a wise and patient personality but well defined, made of listening and teaching, sharing and participation but also playfulness and "no" days! ... what is not negligible is also its reconquered roundness and the health that has recovered despite the infirmities of time (in April 2018 he will be 22!).

In these years he has brought and brought back the smile on the face of many people, children, teenagers and adults showing his extraordinary and intrinsic empathy, his gregarious spirit ready to welcome others and his availability to riders in their learning paths and almost spontaneously inspiring each of us to make it follow "Mi Amor" to his name.



Zucca Carina (Pumpkin The Cute): our Zucchina is a Shetland chestnut and white pony (in the days without mud!) Entered the family in 2013. When I went to meet her for the first time there were 4 Mini Shetland ponies in a large box and she in a smaller box together with three mice ... it was a quite moving scene and she was not in great shape. "Matted" is the most suitable adjective and certainly quite sad. Honestly I was not very convinced, she didn't have the standard measures (she is taller and longer then standard) and did not walk very well, but the friend who was with me immediately felt in love and pushed to give her a chance ... thankfully! Pedro did not welcome her at first but she immediately showed her main quality: a disarming sweetness that makes even the most rustic ones falling in love. 

Actually she had another name but immediately I felt that it didn't belong to her so I spent a period of observation waiting for the inspiration, and it arrived! Zucca, because stubborn as a pumpkin (especially when it comes to food), but also funny and sweet like a pumpkin, tender as a zucchini, and then Carina because you have to give up, she's really cute!

With her it is inevitable to rediscover our sensitivity and affection 'cause with her look behind the fringe she melts the hardest hearts, she helps us to train our ability to modulate the energy to respect the other and be able to interact with them, she gives us sweetness and delicacy (when soft as a feather takes a piece of carrot from our hands) but at the same time she makes us clearly understand that without respect and love nothing is achieved.

She teaches us how much richness diversity brings and how the evolution is creative, compensating for example the smaller size, compared to an horse, with a more functional intelligence (she is a cunning!) and unexpected agility (ninja level when needed ... usually again when there is food in the middle!)