SeaHorses move freely in the water
without gravity they play into their element
That's how we feel over a horse,
supported by his strenght we become one
and we are free to move into a new reality






SeaHorses is a small reality guided by Love for Life and Nature, for people, animals and outdoor activities that in our time are becoming a rare and precious factor ... so much so that it demonstrates to bring a great benefit to those who do them, having positive effects on people well-being until they become properly therapeutic as outlined in the Guidelines on Interventions Assisted with Animals (IAA) in the Assisted Therapy with Animals (TAA - the so-called hippotherapy ), in the Assisted Education with Animals (EAA) and finally in the Activity Assisted with Animals (AAA).
It is not "only" nature, but a journey accompanied by it throught horses, our collaborators and mute friends (well, not always mute!), Who with proper knowledge become exceptional mediators for our minds, dialogators for our hearts and supports for our bodies.
Here the horse is an individual whom identity and ethological necessities we deeply respect through a natural management that recreate as best as possible the conditions that liberate its natural essence, with the life at the open air, the social interaction with his similar, attention to nutrition, barefoot, the care of his health and also the participation to activities with us humans that involve him in a positive way, in order to bring to light the best part that the relationship between our two species can show, a magic made of communication, understanding, participation, respect and love.
Relating to the horse is a privilege that unfortunately most of us have completely forgotten, but it was not like that for our ancestors, without even going too far in time already the presence of horses next to ' human being was normal  for our grandparents, in the countryside as in the streets of the cities.
A privilege because Nature has meant that for this creature so beautiful, strong and powerful as sweet and empathetic it was etologically possible to adapt to life with the human being, forced cohabitation (in an environment often now completely anthropized) and unfortunately still today real slavery despite the embellishment and camouflage masks that the various equestrian activities place more or less openly.
Here we try to give back to these beautiful animals a small oasis of what we have taken away from them and our eyes are filled with beauty every time we look at them (yes even when they are covered with mud from head to toe!) And of gratitude to Nature that through them reminds us of who we are.